One Enterprise, Many Capabilities

A fully-integrated SaaS enterprise platform that offers unparalleled solutions, which operate seamlessly with numerous leading parking hardware manufacturers and system integrators.

Innovative Solutions

TORViC eps develops solutions that consider the full 360-degrees of parking. Parking operators turn to TORViC eps to realize efficiencies, enhance the quality and scope of their services and safely park more people with less cost.

A comprehensive list of current eps.STRADA solutions are listed below.

  • eps.STRADA-CRM
    Customer Relationship & Promotion Management

    Solution designed to help parking operators of all sizes maximize their sales potential by creating a paramount customer experience and sustaining top-of-mind association. With eps.STRADA-CRM, parking operators can manage their marketing communications and barcode specific promotions from one system, while collecting and mining invaluable customer data.

  • eps.STRADA-BIA
    Business Intelligence & Analytics Management

    Solution designed for parking operators to make more informed decisions with timely, data-driven answers to their business questions. eps.STRADA-BIA solution lets you transform your data into attractive and easy-to-understand dashboards and reports for greater insights to enhance cost-efficiency and productivity and optimize revenue-generating strategies.

  • eps.STRADA-MPM
    Mobile Parking Payment & Management

    Solution designed for parking customers to pay for parking without the need of using cards or parking meters. As a smart, economical and user-friendly solution, eps.STRADA-MPM utilizes mobile telephones instead of parking machines. The service enables parking customers to park in designated parking areas without subscription fees or other commitments.

  • eps.STRADA-WFM
    Wayfinding & Signage Management

    Solution designed to deliver enhanced parking customer wayfinding experience within your parking facility, with accuracy and effectiveness. The eps.STRADA-WFM solution provides customized, on-demand wayfinding information, utilizing its strategic and technical capabilities, including interactive on-line tools, mobile applications, signage, printed maps and information kiosks.

  • eps.STRADA-VIP
    VIP, Valet & Guest Management

    Solution designed for parking operators to achieve customer excellence, when it matters! As a fully automated solution, eps.STRADA-VIP improves customer management and ticket generation for faster, easier and customer-centric execution. The eps.STRADA-VIP solution is designed to achieve operational efficiencies, regardless of layouts, rate structures or procedures.

  • eps.STRADA-CCP
    Credit Card Processing & Management

    Solution designed to securely link parking operator's hardware, mobile payment applications, e-commerce and other systems directly to major transaction processors for performing credit, debit, EBT and gift card transactions. As a flexible solution dedicated to parking operators only, eps.STRADA-CCP delivers security, quality and performance for every parking operator.